What It Means To Be Loved

When you are dependent on a guide dog to go about your daily life activities, you can’t help it but to call it your soulmate. This article was submitted by Kelly Merck from Gosnells, who agree with this statement.

When it comes to doing my everyday chore and passion. I am the first to admit that I am dependent on my best friend and whom I also call my soulmate. Her name is BK. You’ve probably guessed it, BK is my beloved guide dog – the one who makes everything in my life; possible. I cannot imagine life without her. If somebody asks me what BK means to me, I would literally struggle to end my speech. That is because, BK means everything to me.

Deep within me, I know BK loved me – with all of her heart. The feeling is definitely mutual. To those who think this is way too deep of a feeling, especially when it is to an animal; obviously never needed a guide dog to help them to go about their everyday life. Me, I need BK. Without her life would be meaningless. It goes without saying that I would do anything and everything to make sure she is looked after. After all, it is the least I could do after all of the things she has done to me.

When I had the idea of submitting an article to the guidedogswa.org site, I could of written somewhat a very long article. But I know admin might not like it! Only because there is so much to write about it. But the main thing I wanted to get out of it is to convey my love to BK so that the rest of the world know how much I feel about her.

Before signing off. I would like to say a big thank you for reading this short article of mine. I am sure there are many people out there in my situation. If so I’d love to hear about your story.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to Sam (admin) for publishing my post. It was highly appreciated. Thank you.

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