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We don’t run this website for a profit. So you can call us a not-for-profit organisation. Despite this, we are always looking for ways to hold some sort of event or competition to engage our readers. When organising such events or cause costs money, so we definitely don’t deny this at all. We would also like to hold frequent donation event to raise money for the guide dog community in Perth WA.

When it comes to financial support and donation, our sponsors plays a pivotal role. Several local businesses in Perth have put their hand up and show their interest to support our cause. We are very grateful and the least we could do is publish individual post featuring each of our sponsors to help get the word out there. We also hope that our readers will return the favour by doing business with them if you need their service.

In this post we’d like to feature one of our main sponsor Perth Car Detailing WA, check out their website at PerthCarDetailingWA.com.au. These guys are the best when it comes to car detailing and other related services. Joe, a coowner of this local business has extensive experience in this industry. So we don’t doubt that Joe knows his stuff. In fact, I have personally got my car done by him. It came back to me freakin’ spotless. I absolutely loved it. I haven’t seen my car this clean before… ever! Loved it so much that I recommended his service to my friends.

Perth Car Detailing WA offers pretty much everything under the sun when it comes to car detailing. From your usual and routine car wash to your full detailing service that is very popular with people who are looking to sell their car.

The products used by Joe is second to none. He doesn’t skimp on cheap and inferior products. Instead, he goes all out to source the best products to give the best possible results.

So if you need your car cleaned. Give Joe at Perth Car detailing a call!

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