Our Second Sponsor – Crusader Removals

When a sponsor comes on board and acknowledge what we do is super important, we definitely don’t take it for granted. Hence this post follows pretty much immediately after we posted yesterday (about our first sponsor). We couldn’t wait to publish this post because it’s the least we could do! Our second sponsor is a well known removals company, here in Perth. They employ only experienced removalists to do the important work of relocating people’s belonging. So you can be rest assured that you are getting the best possible service. Many of their customers would strongly agree with us!

So who is our second sponsor you may ask? Well… we are proud to announce the name of our second sponsor is Crusader Removals! You can find out more about them at their official website: CrusaderRemovals.com.au

Having a sponsor means a lot to us, as you can probably appreciate.. it means that we have a backing of a successful local business behind us. Sponsors helps us to get the word out there more. They also help with some of the costs in running this cause. Especially when you are a not-for-profit group like us. Not only sponsors help us with getting the word out there but they often lend a hand with our events – such as a community fundraiser event that we held last month we we raised more than $5000 where most of the proceed went to help Perth kids in need.

Here’s a picture of them in action:

crusader removals

Back to our sponsor: Crusader Removals.. they are in our mind what a great local business is. Not only they deliver good removal and storage services for which they are renowned for.. but they also contribute back to the community. So if you’re looking for a reputable removal company for a relocation within Western Australia then we highly recommend Crusader Removals. In fact, they also do nationwide move. Just give them a call and discuss your moving needs. We are confident that they will over deliver.

Also, we’d like to give our readers at GuideDogsWA.org a special treat. If you are moving out this month, we got an amazing special offer that Crusader Removals has agreed to (bless them!). Mention that we referred you to the and they will give you a massive 20% discount. This special is only valid for this month of May. So remember, if you’re moving out this month, take advantage of this special offer.

Let’s support our sponsor! And show them we are very grateful for their help.

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