2017 05-24

Bouncy Castle Hire Might Be for You!

Perth is an awesome place, especially when it comes to the weather. In fact, we probably have the most sunniest place in the world. With that being said why not make the most of it? Right? When the weather is good, what do most people love doing? Party of course!


This post is about giving you ideas on how to utilise local services to make the most of your parties. Perth has many local business that offer party hire equipments. Why hire? Well, there are many advantages of hiring instead of purchasing. One obvious reason is the cost. Hiring something cost a lot less than buying something. Especially with things that you may only need once in a while. An extreme example would be: why buy a house when you know you are only in town for a short time. I know it is an extreme example, but you get the drift!


Talking about parties, there are many party equipment hiring providers out there. But one that really stood out for me is bouncy castle hire. Search for bouncy castle hire Perth and you would probably find many companies, including the one linked (which is someone we used recently!). So a shout out to Peter and his wife. They offer amazing service and smiles are free! What more can you ask for? So if you are looking for bouncy castles for hire to spruce up your party, then please give them a call. They have a wide range of inflatables, including supersized water slides and more! Seriously, you need to take a look at their slides – some are really big. Not only they cater for the young ones, they also have a couple of adult bouncy castles. The adult bouncy castles are design to withstand a heavier workload.


When hiring a bouncy castle, you might also consider getting a slurpee maker. It will definitely be a crowd pleaser! While you’re at it, you might as well search for other party related items, such as glow sticks etc.


They you go, a short and sweet post to get your mind racing when organising your next party!

2016 05-03

Our Second Sponsor – Crusader Removals

When a sponsor comes on board and acknowledge what we do is super important, we definitely don’t take it for granted. Hence this post follows pretty much immediately after we posted yesterday (about our first sponsor). We couldn’t wait to publish this post because it’s the least we could do! Our second sponsor is a well known removals company, here in Perth. They employ only experienced removalists to do the important work of relocating people’s belonging. So you can be rest assured that you are getting the best possible service. Many of their customers would strongly agree with us!

So who is our second sponsor you may ask? Well… we are proud to announce the name of our second sponsor is Crusader Removals! You can find out more about them at their official website: CrusaderRemovals.com.au

Having a sponsor means a lot to us, as you can probably appreciate.. it means that we have a backing of a successful local business behind us. Sponsors helps us to get the word out there more. They also help with some of the costs in running this cause. Especially when you are a not-for-profit group like us. Not only sponsors help us with getting the word out there but they often lend a hand with our events – such as a community fundraiser event that we held last month we we raised more than $5000 where most of the proceed went to help Perth kids in need.

Here’s a picture of them in action:

crusader removals

Back to our sponsor: Crusader Removals.. they are in our mind what a great local business is. Not only they deliver good removal and storage services for which they are renowned for.. but they also contribute back to the community. So if you’re looking for a reputable removal company for a relocation within Western Australia then we highly recommend Crusader Removals. In fact, they also do nationwide move. Just give them a call and discuss your moving needs. We are confident that they will over deliver.

Also, we’d like to give our readers at GuideDogsWA.org a special treat. If you are moving out this month, we got an amazing special offer that Crusader Removals has agreed to (bless them!). Mention that we referred you to the and they will give you a massive 20% discount. This special is only valid for this month of May. So remember, if you’re moving out this month, take advantage of this special offer.

Let’s support our sponsor! And show them we are very grateful for their help.

2016 05-02

Sponsor Feature – Perth Car Detailing WA

We don’t run this website for a profit. So you can call us a not-for-profit organisation. Despite this, we are always looking for ways to hold some sort of event or competition to engage our readers. When organising such events or cause costs money, so we definitely don’t deny this at all. We would also like to hold frequent donation event to raise money for the guide dog community in Perth WA.

When it comes to financial support and donation, our sponsors plays a pivotal role. Several local businesses in Perth have put their hand up and show their interest to support our cause. We are very grateful and the least we could do is publish individual post featuring each of our sponsors to help get the word out there. We also hope that our readers will return the favour by doing business with them if you need their service.

In this post we’d like to feature one of our main sponsor Perth Car Detailing WA, check out their website at PerthCarDetailingWA.com.au. These guys are the best when it comes to car detailing and other related services. Joe, a coowner of this local business has extensive experience in this industry. So we don’t doubt that Joe knows his stuff. In fact, I have personally got my car done by him. It came back to me freakin’ spotless. I absolutely loved it. I haven’t seen my car this clean before… ever! Loved it so much that I recommended his service to my friends.

Perth Car Detailing WA offers pretty much everything under the sun when it comes to car detailing. From your usual and routine car wash to your full detailing service that is very popular with people who are looking to sell their car.

The products used by Joe is second to none. He doesn’t skimp on cheap and inferior products. Instead, he goes all out to source the best products to give the best possible results.

So if you need your car cleaned. Give Joe at Perth Car detailing a call!

2016 04-30

What It Means To Be Loved

When you are dependent on a guide dog to go about your daily life activities, you can’t help it but to call it your soulmate. This article was submitted by Kelly Merck from Gosnells, who agree with this statement.

When it comes to doing my everyday chore and passion. I am the first to admit that I am dependent on my best friend and whom I also call my soulmate. Her name is BK. You’ve probably guessed it, BK is my beloved guide dog – the one who makes everything in my life; possible. I cannot imagine life without her. If somebody asks me what BK means to me, I would literally struggle to end my speech. That is because, BK means everything to me.

Deep within me, I know BK loved me – with all of her heart. The feeling is definitely mutual. To those who think this is way too deep of a feeling, especially when it is to an animal; obviously never needed a guide dog to help them to go about their everyday life. Me, I need BK. Without her life would be meaningless. It goes without saying that I would do anything and everything to make sure she is looked after. After all, it is the least I could do after all of the things she has done to me.

When I had the idea of submitting an article to the guidedogswa.org site, I could of written somewhat a very long article. But I know admin might not like it! Only because there is so much to write about it. But the main thing I wanted to get out of it is to convey my love to BK so that the rest of the world know how much I feel about her.

Before signing off. I would like to say a big thank you for reading this short article of mine. I am sure there are many people out there in my situation. If so I’d love to hear about your story.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to Sam (admin) for publishing my post. It was highly appreciated. Thank you.

2016 04-29

First Post!

Hi, I am Samantha.. the admin for this blog. I am very excited to finally launching this website. Hopefully you like it and follow my site. This site is where I simply blog about pretty much anything to do with guide dogs in Western Australia.

I would also like to reach out to everyone reading this post in the hope that you can help me out by contributing to this blog site. So if you have anything to share, eg. pictures of your lovely guide dog, stories or anything else you may have; then I’d like to hear from you.

Let me start the ball rolling with this random photo of somebody crossing the road being lead by a beautiful guide dog:


street walking dog_new